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McCutchen, Pirates Agree to Six Year Extension

Scratch #1 off my front office to-do list. There are no words to describe just how good of news this is for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In my mind this marks the defeat of the Pirates biggest enemy … themselves. Over recent history the Pirates biggest obstacle to overcome has been there own mismanagement but recent events such as increased focus on the draft, adding to the team at the 2011 deadline, getting a deal done with Bell and acquiring Burnett and Bedard to shore up the rotation this offseason have slowly been changing that. Today’s extension of McCutchen in my mind shows they have finally cleared that hurdle. No longer on they a small market team that makes and uneven playing field more uneven instead they are now a small market team facing just the same issues as all the other small market teams. This marks a step towards normalcy and for the Pirates that is a great thing.

For those wanting to read more about the extension, check out the Trib: http://pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/breaking/s_784926.html

Here are the details of McCutchen’s extension. Included with all of that is a 1.25 million dollar signing bonus and a 1 million dollar buyout of his 2018 option.

$500,000 in 2012

$4.5 million in 2013

$7.25 million in 2014

$10 million in 2015

$13 million in 2016

$14 million in 2017

$14.75 million club option for 2018

I’ve seen it estimated that McCutchen’s three arb years (2013-2015) could net him as much as 27 million so the fact the Pirates got those years for 21.75 million is a bargain. Add to the fact the 3 free agent years they control appear to be for around market rate for what McCutchen is now and this looks like a spectacular deal for the Pirates. They don’t come around often but today is a good day to be Pirate fan and I for one could get use to this.