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Neal Huntington’s Trade Record

Presented without commentary below are the 61 trades I have recorded that Neal Huntington has made during his tenure as the Pirates GM. I’m not going to give an opinion on them but rather I figured I’d share my records, see if there is anything I missed that someone wants to share with me and let everyone else form their own opinions. A few notes first though. Some of these deals in addition to the players listed also included cash but I have not bothered to list cash given or received by the Pirates in any deal. The term NA appears pretty frequently and it essentially means Not Available or Not Announced. Basically that half of the trade is unknown to me and in most cases it was likely just a small amount of cash. The trades are roughly ordered according to the order they were made but may not be exact as I only use the month and the year to keep track of them. Apologies for the format not looking the best but its the best I could do.

Salomon Torres for Marino Salas, Kevin Roberts
Todd Redmond for Tyler Yates
NA for Jason Michaels
NA for Evan Meek
Kyle Pearson for Denny Bautista
Jason Bay for Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris,   Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen
Craig Wilson for NA
Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte for Jose Tabata, Jeff Karstens, Ross   Ohlendorf, Daniel McCutchen
Jose Bautista for Robinson Diaz
Ronnie Paulino for Jason Jaramillo
NA for Shawn Nottingham
Erik Krebs for Delwyn Young
Romulo Sanchez for Eric Hacker
Eric Hinske for Eric Fryer, Casey Erickson
Nate McLouth for Jeff Locke, Gorkys Hernandez,   Charlie Morton
Nyjer Morgan, Sean Burnett for Lastings Milledge, Joel Hanrahan
Adam LaRoche for Argenis Diaz, Hunter Strickland
Freddy Sanchez for Tim Alderson
Tom Gorzelanny, John Grabow for Kevin Hart, Jose Ascanio, Josh   Harrison
Jack Wilson, Ian Snell for Jeff Clement, Ronny Cedeno,   Nathan Adcock, Brett Lorin, Aaron Pribanic
Joel Collins for NA
Jesse Chavez for Akinori Iwamura
Brian Bixler for Jesus Brito
Virgil Vasquez for NA
Ronald Uviedo for Dana Eveland
Luke Carlin for Adam Davis
Javier Lopez for John Bowker, Joe Martinez
NA for Sean Gallagher
NA for Mitch Jones
Bobby Crosby, Ryan Church, DJ Carrasco for Chris Snyder, Pedro Ciriaco
Octavio Dotel for James McDonald, Andrew Lambo
Zach Duke for Cesar Valdez
Jim Negrych for Carlos Paulino
Josh Fields for NA
NA for Josh Rodriguez
NA for Michael McKenry
NA for Ryan Ludwick
Aaron Baker for Derek Lee
Tim Wood for NA
Matt Diaz for Eliecer Cardenas
Brooks Pounders, Diego Goris for Yamaico Navarro
Diego Moreno, Exicardo Cayones for AJ Burnett
Ryota Igarashi for NA
Brian Tallet for NA
NA for Drew Sutton
Drew Sutton for NA
NA for Jeff Larish
Kris Watts for NA
Shairon Martis for NA
Robbie Grossman, Rudy Owens, Colton Cain for Wandy Rodriguez
Brad Lincoln for Travis Snider
Gorkys Hernandez, Comp Pick for Gaby Sanchez, Kyle Kaminska
Casey McGehee for Chad Qualls
Daniel Cabrera for NA
Kyle Kaminska for Zach Stewart
Luis Rico, Luis Santos for Clint Robinson, Vin Mazzaro
Chris Resop for Zach Thorton
Yamaico Navarro for Jhonadeli Medina
Ramon Cabrera for Andrew Oliver
Joel Hanrahan, Brock Holt for Mark Melancon, Jerry Sands,   Stolmy Pimetel, Ivan De Jesus
Quincy Latimore for Jeanmar Gomez

Neal Huntington’s Trade Record

As those of you who have been on this blog a while may know I keep a list of Neal Huntington’s trades. I try my best to keep it fairly complete with any trades of note. Well today I added the Hanrahan deal and also a few of the minor ones this offseason. It is now up to a total of 57 trades. I estimate about half of them to be of insignificant quality (ie both Drew Sutton trades this past season).

Anyway as is my normal way I took a brief glance and wanted to see how many trades I could say had definitely been won or lost by the Pirates. With just a quick glance I came up with 29 trades of insignificant value, some could probably be considered a slight loss, some a slight win but really they weren’t deals of any note. Ten of the remaining 28 I considered to be incomplete right now. Those are the 3 important trades at this past deadline, the 6 this offseason and the newly revived from the L column Adam LaRoche trade (Strickland was added to the 40 man so I’m not ready to call it quite yet). Of the trades made this offseason the only 2 that look of much significance right now are the Ramon Cabrera and Hanrahan deals.

That leaves me with 18. Of those 18 I consider 10 of them to be wins and 8 of them losses. Again this is really subjective. I mean how much of a loss is Jesse Chavez for Akinori Iwamura? How much of a win was Snyder and Ciriaco for Church, Crosby and Carrasco? Probably nearly insignificant either way.

In truth when you get down to it NH trading history and how he is currently viewed is shaped by only 7 deals. They are probably best known as the Bay, Sanchez, Bautista, Nady, McLouth, Dotel and Burnett trades. For a recap of those 7 deals:

Pirates Dealt: Jason Bay, Freddy Sanchez, Jose Bautista, Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte, Nate McLouth, Octavio Dotel, Exicardo Cayones and Diego Moreno

Pirates Received: Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris, Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen, Tim Alderson, Robinson Diaz, Jose Tabata, Jeff Karstens, Ross Ohlendorf, Daniel McCutchen, Charlie Morton, Jeff Locke, Gorkys Hernandez, James McDonald, Andrew Lambo and AJ Burnett

Like it or not when we look at Huntington’s trade record that is essentially what we are dealing with. It may be unfair to lump Bautista in there as his deal at the time it was made was a minor one but it certainly effects the perception of Neal Huntington.

This is only part of how a GM should be evaluated. His drafting, free agent signings and many other aspects also need to be evaluated but when assessing Huntington’s track record on trades there are a bunch of data points one can use but in reality only 7 of them are important to the discussion. How did Huntington fare in those 7 trades? Probably not as well as he should have but not as poorly as a lot of people seem to think. One more thing to keep in mind is that this is incomplete evaluation the 3 trades made at this past deadline and even possibly the Joel Hanrahan trade could sway his record widely in either direction.