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Draft Thoughts

Mark Appel

I was really hoping one of Buxton, Zunino, Correra or Almora would fall to the Pirates at #8 but one has to be happy with Appel. There were seven near consensus top guys in this draft and one of them slipped to the Pirates at 8. There was a lot of talk about a possible David Dahl selection but at the end of the day Huntington made the right selection. The Pirates absolutely needed to draft Appel. There are rumors swirling around that he isn’t happy being picked 8 (understandable since yesterday he was going #1 to the Astros) and some people think it might take an overslot about to sign him but none of that matters. This was a great selection by the Pirates and should give them even more pitching depth. As for going overslot for him that is something the Pirates need to take a hard stance on, it is ok to clear a little room lets say from 2.9 million to 3.2 million but the draft can not be centered around him. If he signs he goes into the top Pirate prospect tier with Cole and Taillon. If Appel signs I think he will head to Bradenton (A+).

Barrett Barnes

Barnes is a pick I like a lot, he appears to be a bit of a project but that is ok. Barnes has good speed and is a power hitting prospect something the Pirates needed to add. He is a center fielder by trade and some think he might stick there but the prevailing opinion is that he will move to LF because of a weak throwing arm. He was rated #41 overall by Baseball America so he wasn’t a reach at #45 but there is still talk that the Pirates may be able to sign him for under slot. Clearing up some of that extra 300 K or so I think they may need to sign Appel. Barnes is obviously not a top notch prospect but he falls into the group right behind Marte, Bell, Hanson and Sanchez. Overall this is a pick I like a lot and was who I was hoping for after Victor Roache went off the board. He should head to West Virginia (A ball) when he signs.