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2013 Expectations: Front Office

Last offseason I did a 15 part preview of the Pirates upcoming seasons focusing on what I expected to see out of various positions at the major league levels, the minor levels, the coaching staff and the front office. The series went over fairly well with my readers so I have decided to bring it back for a second year. I’m not sure how many parts this year’s series will include but I will do my best to cover every key player I can think of.

Considering the fact that my mood with the front office is less than good with the news they are planning on adding Inge to the roster I am going to keep this piece fairly short and try to stay on point.

All in all the current Pirates front office has done a fair job assembling the 2013 Pirates team which currently looks like the most talented group the Pirates have had in recent seasons. Is it enough? No but it is progress. I believe there is a strong possibility the Pirates will clean house after this season both at the manager and front office ranks. The group has helped the Pirates take some nice big strides forward but at this point I don’t believe this group has what it takes to get the team over the hump (and I’m not talking .500 I believe regardless of the front office the streak will end this year or next). The rotation the Pirates are entering the 2013 season with is weak there is no doubt about that and failure to have better alternatives to what is a very injury prone rotation certainly falls at the feet of the front office. There was some depth there but it has been used up. Ideally a team wouldn’t have to enter the season with Jonathan Sanchez in the rotation but in reality an extended 2-3 start tryout likely isn’t going to cost the Pirates much of anything this season. If he performs well great, if not he will (or at least should) be replaced in short order. The construction of the bench is another manner but if the bench players end up having to play significant roles this season things have gone fairly bad.

Neal Huntington and his front office have overseen some very perplexing and irritating strategies during their tenure but in the end their impact on the playing field is probably very minimal. The difference between starting with Sanchez instead of say McPherson in the rotation for 2-3 April starts won’t really have a huge impact on this season nor will Inge being on the roster over a player like Mercer. These moves are annoying and waste a little bit of the precious resources the Pirates have but at the end of the day moves like this do not affect the fate of the season. What does have a substantial impact on how the 2013 season will progress are the recent major additions to the team. The 2013 Pirates and there by Huntington’s fate will be largely determined by the success or failure of Wandy Rodriguez, Fransisco Liriano, Russell Martin, Travis Snider and Gaby Sanchez. Those 5 players have all been added to the Pirates roster within the last 8 months or so and will be playing their first full season with the Pirates. All 5 will be counted on to have significant roles with the Pirates. It is this group that can help Huntington keep his job for at least one more season.

My expectation for Huntington is to see that particular group of 5 players along with his other impactful additions, Clint Barmes, Jose Tabata, Jeff Locke, AJ Burnett, James McDonald, Jason Grill, etc take a major step up as a group. Of course some will fail but if the Pirates have more successes than failures and a lot of big successes and only small failures the 2013 Pirates could potentially be really good. This group of players has the talent to do so and if they do then Huntington and his staff deserves all the credit in the world but should they not step up Huntington and his staff will have rightfully earned themselves a spot in the unemployment line. This is a do or die year for Huntington his major league acquisitions and his draft classes need to show significant improvement or else.