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It Is Time

I’ve been an opponent of it since its inception but I can’t fight it anymore. The time has come the Pirates really have no other choice. Say it with me Pirate Twitter Nation, #FreeMattHague

I was a proponent of letting Jones and McGehee give it a go this offseason but that has failed (as with most of the rest of the offense). Help could of course come via a trade but with that being unlikely to happen in May the Pirates must give Matt Hague his chance, he has earned it. I’m not talking a bench role or platoon, give him the 1B job out right. He deserves the chance.

To make room I would send Navarro down to AAA and get him everyday at bats at 3B. Jones would become my primary RF although a platoon partner would still be needed. McGehee he would become a full time bench player. To address the platoon problem I would DFA McLouth and call up Jake Fox but even Josh Harrison or Gorkys Hernandez would suffice.

Set the lineup something like:

Tabata, LF

Walker, 2B

McCutchen, CF

Alvarez, 3B

Jones/Fox, RF

Hague, 1B

Barajas, C

Barmes, SS

I would like to see Harrison take away some playing time from Barmes at SS but you have to give Barmes a chance to figure it out. Let Harrison continue his super utility job. Really this is probably just shuffling deck chairs but its rather obvious something needs to be done. There isn’t much at AAA but there is one guy who has earned his shot.

It Is Time!