Deadline Dealing (Kind Of)

The trade deadline is behind us and the Pirates had a fairly boring time of it. I think it is impossible to be critical of either of the two small moves they made but I’ll give my opinion of them anyway.

Trading Watson was predictable and the infielder they got back, Cruz, seems rather interesting. I don’t keep a running prospect list anymore but he seems like he would be a safe bet for my personal top 30. The pitcher they got in the deal, German, looks like he has some upside but is a complete wildcard. So essentially two lottery tickets for a struggling relief pitcher who would have been gone at the end of the year. Fairly standard move here.

Adding Benoit to essentially fill in for Watson the rest of the year was a bit puzzling but at a cost of just McGarry I don’t see it as much of an issue. McGarry is not completely uninteresting but an older relief pitcher in A+ is nothing to fret about trading. I think I’d have preferred to see the team try one of their internal options in the Watson role but overall this is no big deal either way.

I didn’t expect the Pirates to make any major moves but I was hopeful we would see a little more action. The soft sell/soft buy approach was probably the way to go here but more should of been done. I would of liked an outfielder and a different relief pitcher who was under control next year brought in. I would have also liked to have seen Nicasio and Jaso traded away.

The Pirates should of been looking to better position themselves for next year and maybe they were but the execution of such failed. I’m not going to harp on these moves excessively but the action certainly didn’t feel appropriate for the given situation and considering they had several lanes that would of worked (big sell, big buy, a better buy/sell combo) it is disappointing.

The deadline didn’t change the fact that the Pirates are not a good or bad baseball team. They are merely ok and that makes things rather boring. The time is rapidly approaching where the Pirates are going to have to pick a lane and I hope they are better prepared for that decision than they were this trade deadline.


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