Buc’n Battle Report: Ugh

Usually this weekly post I’ll use to recap the past week’s happenings but I just don’t feel like doing that today. This season so far has been brutal. The Pirates are playing poorly and big prospect after big prospect just seems to keep falling victim to an injury. The Pirates hitting which seemed to be showing some promise early on has once again disappeared just as the pitching is starting to get a bit more consistent. Everything right now is just plainly frustrating. The Pirates aren’t a bad team but at some point in the upcoming weeks if things don’t change we are just going to have to admit this is a lost year and look forward to what can be done to improve the team for 2015 and beyond. We aren’t yet there so this season remains the focus.

For all the call up Gregory Polanco people I will say I’m against him being called up right now but it has nothing to do with monetary reasons. Polanco had 9 AAA at bats coming into this season that is all. The Pirates like most other teams like to give their prospects some time at the top level and to be honest 20ish games really isn’t enough. Yes he has been sensational but the pitchers will adjust and he’ll have to adjust back. Let’s see how he does when that happens before we rush to call him up. My other point to make here is that he isn’t going to make any difference. Polanco can’t play everywhere and that is where the Pirates currently need help. The Pirates ship has to get straightened out and then we use reinforcements to strengthen it.

Coming into this season I did not foresee a trip back to the postseason and obviously I don’t see that now either but I do however expect the Pirates to regroup and get back into the race. This Pirates team is a quality one and we should all expect them to start playing better quite soon. I think the day off today and finally getting to play teams outside of the division will do them a lot of good.

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