Buc’n Battle Report: I Hate The Brewers

I Hate The Brewers

Losing 6 of 7 against any team is never good but why does it have to be those guys. I’m not particularly fond of any of the other NL Central teams but none of them irk me like the Brewers do. The Pirates still have 12 more games against them so plenty of time to bounce back.

Grilli Blows 2 Saves

I’m not going to panic about Grilli like some are. The general thought is he has been off since his injury and in a way he has but his velocity is back up to where it should be and really these last two games were a result of being too aggressive with a very good hitter. There is little doubt Grilli is no longer the Pirates best bullpen arm (I don’t think he was last year either) but he still is a solid back end option. For now let’s give him a chance to regroup.

Wandy Out

Some are calling this a phantom injury and are wondering if we will see Wandy again. I’m not really buying any of those. The knee injury seems to fit. Contrary to popular belief Rodriguez really hasn’t lost anything on his fastball he has been sitting in the high 80s, touching 90 for a few years now. Stuff wise I don’t see anything wrong with his pitches; it is his command of those pitches that has gotten him into trouble. To me it seems logical that an injured knee on your plant leg could be affecting your ability to place the ball where you want. I expect Wandy to return and be at least serviceable.

Ike Davis Trade

I think I gave my thoughts quite well about two weeks ago when I explained why I liked Ike. He looks like a great platoon partner for Gaby and I think that duo will set the Pirates up well at the position this year. The price so far looks great but of course I’ll reserve judgement until we hear who the PTBNL is. My guess is JaCoby Jones which I would be ok with.

Andrew Lambo

The one negative about the Davis trade is that it will at least temporarily prevent us from seeing what Lambo has. So far this season he has looked good in AAA and honestly I think there is a reasonable chance he could have provided similar production to what Davis will but I understand the rationale behind the move. Nonetheless its good to have quality depth both at 1B and the corner outfield.

Chris Stewart Returns

Aside from a few defensive miscues I think Tony Sanchez handled himself well in the majors and he looks like he has a good chance of being a productive starting catcher for them starting next year. Still I find myself not quite as upset with the activation as Stewart as I originally thought I would be. Stewart by all accounts seems to be a perfectly capable backup catcher and while his offense is terrible I think his defense and limited playing time will make that a minor issue. Overall I’m happy the Pirates have three quality major league catchers to use throughout this season.

The Brawl

Have to cover it here but I really don’t have much to say. It was great to see some fire from the Pirates regarding the Brewers and while Cole probably shouldn’t have yelled at Gomez I really have no problem with it. Snider will probably be suspended here in the coming days and I think that’s fair but again I have no problem with his actions.

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