Pirates Non-Tender Jeff Karstens

Up until yesterday I was a very cautious but definite Neal Huntington supporter but the last two days have really tested my faith in him. I just see no semblance of a plan coming from him. Signing Martin signals that he believes the team is ready to win now so the proper way to follow that up is to start casting off your starting pitching depth. How does that make any logical sense. He gives Martin a guy we are hoping will be an average catcher for the next two seasons 17 million dollars but when we have a chance to retain an average starting pitcher for 4 million dollars no thats the breaking point.

I would just like to know what Huntington is doing. Is he planning for the future or trying to win now. You can of course do both but these moves are at extreme opposites of one another. By signing Martin he is essentially saying we are only a piece or two away from competing but by non-tendering Karstens he is essentially saying we need to evaluate our young pitchers next season so we have an idea of what they bring to the table moving forward. That is not trying to maintain a delicate balance between trying to win now and not mortgaging the present. In fact the exact opposite does that. Tendering Karstens and deciding to see what you have in Sanchez this season is an attempt to do that.

On top of this there are reports the Pirates are considering a trade with the Dodgers that would swap Hanrahan for Capuano. So wait a minute we DFA Karstens presumably because we have the pitching depth to do so and then we turn around 5 minutes late and decide oh no we were mistaken we need more starting pitching. Then we decided to offer up one of most realistic and best trade chips for a pitcher who we would be lucky if he outproduced Karstens and who will earn 2 million more than him in 2013. Quite simply there is no plan here at all Huntington appears to be just doing stuff with no real finished product in mind. He is or at least should be squarely on the hot seat and it should be prudent that he does something that shows he is on it. I know the popular phrase is go down swinging but in Huntington’s case he at least should open his eyes and look to see what he is swinging at.


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