This has been getting a lot of views so I thought I’d repost it. Remember these numbers are a little dated but should still tell most of the story.

Battling Bucs

For those of us not to0 sold on the Pirates catching options for next season here is an early look at the free agent catchers this offseason. I’ve excluded McCann and Ruiz (options that will be picked up) and Napoli (not a full time catcher and very unlikely Pirates acquisition). The players marked with an * have options for next season and thus may not reach the free agent market. Stats are covering the last three seasons: 2010-now(9/2/2012).

Russell Martin: 30.7% CS, 91 wRC+, 6.3 WAR (2678.1 Inn, 1250 PA)
AJ Pierzynski: 23.3% CS, 97 wRC+, 6.0 WAR (2978.1 Inn, 1427 PA)
David Ross: 33.7% CS, 123 wRC+, 4.5 WAR (1015.1 Inn, 463 PA)
Yorvit Torrealba: 31.7% CS, 90 wRC+, 4.2 WAR (2055.2 Inn, 981 PA)
*Chris Iannetta: 27.4% CS, 102 wRC+, 4.2 WAR (1794.1 Inn, 819 PA)
Kelly Shoppach: 31.3% CS, 91 wRC+, 3.2 WAR (1465.1 Inn, 628 PA)

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  1. Will

    I’m a bit nervous about his age, but David Ross would sure look good his second time around in Pittsburgh—as long as he doesn’t suddenly go over a cliff the way Barajas did. Even there, though, he is so much better defensively than Barajas is that I think he’d be a smart signing. He’d have to know he’s a short-timer, anyway, provided that Sanchez gets it together to the point that he can at least be a platoon partner for McKenry. As a one or one and a half season bridge to Sanchez, Ross would be fine. Whether he’d leave Atlanta for Pittsburgh is another story.

    • burghfan66

      I like Ross but I see him resigning with Atlanta. I like Russell Martin and Kelly Shoppach in the free agent market. Also like Hank Conger whom the Angels will probably look to trade. A package including him for Hanrahan could make a lot of sense for both sides.

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