I’m Trying Here

I’m trying to stay optimistic here but it is getting more and more difficult with each passing day. There isn’t much left to root for, I mean .500 is still a possibility but the team would have to finish 8-5 to get to 82 wins and even with the Astros, Mets and then 6 games against two teams with likely nothing to play for that still seems like a tall task. There isn’t much to be positive about but I want to be and for that I will give it my best try.

The Pirates are currently 74-75, at the beginning of the season I was with the fairly optimistic crowd predicting 77 wins and it looks like they will probably at least come fairly close to that number if not pass it. No matter how you slice it that is a good thing. It is late into September and up until a week ago this team had a real tangible non-zero chance of making the playoffs. again this is a positive sign. Despite everything the Pirates still have a chance to end the 19 years of losing seasons and with the remaining schedule it isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario in which that will happen, once again another positive sign. This season also brought us the most meaningful baseball we have seen since 1997. Players such as Garrett Jones, Neil Walker, Predo Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen all have taken a step forward and have the makings of a very solid 2-5 or 3-6 for the Pirates order. James McDonald showed some positive signs early on before crashing down and veterans Burnett and Rodriguez still appear to have some left in the tank. This is all positive things that should keep us Pirates fan optimist about next season. Not to mention the Pirates have a fairly nice looking rookie class ready to help out next season in Cole, Locke, Wilson, McPherson, Irwin, Morris, Welker, Black, Curry, Sanchez, Holt, and Santos.

So things look bleak now but I’m going to do everything I can to find positives and stay optimistic because despite these last six weeks or so this has been a great season and you know what I’m still proud to be a Pirate Fan.


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