Today I want to take a look at how each individual Pirates hitter has done in low, medium and high leverage situations. I’m not going to cover too much of what leverage is but essentially it is an attempt to measure how important a particular PA is to the outcome of a game. So the rest should be self explanatory. There are 14 Pirates hitters who have accumulated at least 100 PA. In order to show how each has performed overall and in low, medium and high leverage situations I have chosen wRC+ as my stat. To give a rough idea of what this is, 100 is considered league average and each point below or above is a percent away from league average (ie 80 is 20% below and 120 is 20% above). Now that is all I’m going to say about this so let’s move on to the results.
Player: Overall/Low/Medium/High

McCutchen: 162/164/172/114

Jones: 124/122/111/196

McKenry: 118/101/138/126

Alvarez: 115/100/130/134

Sanchez: 114/141/116/27

Walker: 109/113/105/102

Snider: 92/90/159/-100

Marte: 87/54/118/89

Presley: 84/74/108/3

McGehee: 84/52/122/97

Tabata: 76/94/93/-45

Harrison: 69/89/53/28

Barajas: 64/51/74/94

Barmes: 57/32/71/141

One thing we can’t take from these stats is how “clutch” a player is. We are talking above a very small sample size of high leverage at bats here. For instance McCutchen has the most high leverage PA with 57 PA and Marte the least with 12 PA. However the impression of how a player is performing can be greatly affected by these few plate appearances. The perfect example is McGehee and Sanchez. Sanchez has performed well but struggled in high leverage situations. Meanwhile the man he replaced McGehee hit decently in medium and high leverage situations but was very poor in low leverage situations. Snider is another example like Sanchez he has been good in low and medium leverage situations but struggled in high leverage situations. Tabata is yet another example, he is performed nearly league average most of the time but due largely to 47 high leverage plate appearances his season is looked upon negatively.

Interestingly enough though Barmes great performance in his 43 high leverage plate appearance isn’t enough to make his season feel positive. The same essentially goes for Barajas who has just been a touch below league average in high situations but has struggled in all others.

Basically this tells us nothing important but it is still kind of interesting to look at. I’m not going to make any more assumptions with this data but feel free to enjoy it.


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