The Last Hope

Sigh … another Pirates loss. There is no need to recap it but suffice to say it was a frustrating 1 run showing which allowed us to be swept by the Cincinnati Reds.

Somehow someway in an amazing, remarkable, crazy and frustrating way the Pirates will be no more than 3 games out when the resume play on Friday. Tomorrow is their last off day of the season and in my mind it is the Pirates last hope to look deep within themselves and find away to pull out of this slump. I am not holding out much hope for it but I  have to hope for that is all I have left. One last chance to reevaluate and see if you have anything left. I haven’t seen anything to make me believe it will happen but I beg you Pirates please prove me wrong and come out strong Friday looking rejuvenated. For it is your last hope to make this season special.


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