Reality Check

Look the Pittsburgh Pirates season is not likely to end well but that is nothing new. At the start of the 2012 season we all knew that this season was probably going to end badly, most projections had them finish with approximately 75 wins. However something is different now we are fairly deep into September and there is a real non-zero probability that this Pirates season doesn’t end poorly. We can sit here and debate what that percent chance is but that is irrelevant because we all know it is much higher than it has been since 1997. What we are seeing is poor baseball but its poor meaningful baseball and that is far superior to poor meaningless baseball.

A lot of Pirates fans are expressing frustration and anger because this team has played poorly for the last 5 t0 6 weeks. Seriously? The Pirates have played poorly for most of the last 19 seasons and the outrage surrounding them has never been this high. Take a step back and look at the situation we have in front of us. It is September 10th and the Pirates are 2.5 games back of a playoff spot. Think about that for a second can we as Pirates fans seriously be disappointed with that?

I’ll give you that things currently look bleak but there are only 23 games left in this season. It is not impossible for the Pirates to get hot for a 23 game stretch. They have shown they are capable of doing so already. Is it going to happen? I would bet against it but guess what it might! And that is a far cry from where we sat just six short months ago. Our Pirates are playing meaningful baseball and the season MIGHT just might end well. For now that is enough for me so I urge all of my fellow Pirates fans to leave your frustration and anger behind and join me because this has been a fun ride and even if the chances of this ending well are nearly non-existent they are existent and we owe it our self  for suffering through all these years to ride this thing out and see just where it might take us.


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