I am normally optimistic and upbeat about the Pirates and today should be no different as they sit a mere 1.5 games back of the Cardinals who have been playing terrible baseball lately. However I just can’t get one bit excited about it. The Pirates team these past few weeks looks far from playoff caliber and while all teams go through slumps and struggles this is turning into an epidemic. Some how some way the Pirates have got to muster something tomorrow and avoid a sweep at the hand of the Cubs. Jeff Locke is on the mound tomorrow and who knows maybe he can turn this ship around, plug the leaks or whatever metaphor you like here.

I’m not prepared to call the season over yet all it is going to take to get back in this is one good hot streak from the offense and a few breaks which over the course of 25 games is certainly possible. Things are looking bleaker and bleaker by the day but there is still time for the Pirates to pull out of this nose dive and save this season. Most of us have stayed on the plane/ship/whatever long enough that it makes no sense but to go down with it. It might end up heartbreaking but we need to see this to the bitter end. I know this team still has some fight in it I just know it. However they need to start showing that fight and the sooner the better.


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