A Tale of Two Flags

As a Pirates fan I have two flags in my flag arsenal. A Jolly Roger and a White flag. Which one I wave and raise depends on the play of the team. During the firast four months of the season the dominant flag was the Jolly Roger but August changed all of that and the white flag became more prevelant. Here we sit in September and I have both flags mentally out and ready to wave and raise. It isn’t time to do either but its a safe bet to have both at hand. Make no mistake this season is not over yet but if the Pirates do not start playing better essentially immediately it will be over soon enough. The Jolly Roger needs to fly over Pittsburgh especially when playing the dregs of the league in the Astros and Cubs. At this point of the season it is nearly inexcusible to play as poorly against the Astros as the Pirates did yesterday and if they follow that up with another bad performance tonight well lets just say I’m going to think about putting the Jolly Roger away.

Right now, tonight is a crossroads for this team. They have two choices either give in to the perception of a collapse or battle back against it. Even if the Pirates choose to battle back against that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Maybe it will maybe it won’t and to be honest at this point that doesn’t concern me. All I want to see is some fight from this team, its been there all season and was even with them in Milwaukee this weekend but it wasn’t there yesterday and that is disturbing. This Pirates team is too good to go down this way. Yes they probably played a little over their heads for the first four months and yes missing both Walker and Marte right now is devastating but to not even go down swinging is beneath this club. Everything I saw yesterday indicated that the Pirates have hoisted the white flag in a surrender. The ship is sinking and some of the best of our crew are in the sick bay but you know one thing the Pirates have going for them is that they are Pirates. In a gentleman affair a white flag usually indicates the end of a battle but Pirates are not gentlemen they are deceitful and  they lie and plunder. That is what these Pirates need to do, everyone is calling them done but who can really trust a Pirate? Just because the white flag is up doesn’t mean they won’t start back up the cannon fire when you leave your guard down.

The Jolly Roger is still in this team’s arsenal we seen it during the past two series against the Cardinals. Even though the white flag is up I still have hope that the Pirates will use this as a ploy to lower the other’s defenses and that blast the cannon fire and reraise the Jolly Roger. There is still time and the ability, the fight, the desire is still in this club. Its not quite now or never but its close. The Astros ship is under the waters surface all they have left are a few of their crew just trying to tear down the remains of our ship. Hold them off tonight and continue to sail. Take down the white falg of surrender and fight tio the death. If the ship goes down it goes down but it needs to go down with the Jolly Roger proudly displayed.

Anyway I’ll keep this post short and sweet and I’ll ask the Pirates a question a question that won’t be answered with words but rather action. Which flag should I bring?


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