The One Great Hope (Revised)

A few days ago I wrote a post naming Pedro Alvarez as the Pirates one great hope well … turns out that is not true. The Pirates do only have one hope but it’s not Pedro it’s the NL Central cellar. If the Pirates are going to emerge from this downard spiral it has to start happening tomorrow period. Thirtenn of the next 19 games are against the Astros and Cubs. At this point the Pirates must rake in these games anything less than 9-4 would be a huge disappointment and that is probably pushing it. The last hope for the Pirates isn’t a surging Pedro but rather the two horrible teams in their own division.

If the Pirates want to continue playing meaningful baseball a line needs to be drawn in the sand now and the Pirates must show they are vastly superior to these two clubs. Once again Pirates fans we have reached a point of Now or Never. A point of reflection in a 162 game season. In some ways we are lucky to still have this chance considering how poorly we played in August but nonetheless we need to take advantage. Let’s put the House of Horrors behind us and protect our House by beating these Horrible teams. Because if we don’t well … we will become one of them. Let’s Go Bucs.


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