Best 25

A lot of people have been saying that the Pirates need to field a team consisting of their “Best 25”. It sounds good but if you take it for what it actually means it would be a horrible way to build a baseball team. Think about it for a second would you what would the Pirates roster look like if they really did field their best 25 players? I’m going to take a look and make some calls based solely on my opinion. We are going to construct a roster of the best 25 players Pittsburgh has right now.

Looking at the 40 man roster there are a few players who look like they are certainly amongst the Pirates best 25 players. I will look deeper into the Pirates system and off the 40 man roster in a little bit.

A.J. Burnett, Jason Grilli, Joel Hanrahan, Jared Hughes, Jeff Karstens, James McDonald, Pedro Alvarez, Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones, Starling Marte, Travis Snider

Other Strong 40 man candidates

Erik Bedard, Jeff Locke, Chris Resop, Wandy Rodriguez, Bryan Morris, Tony Watson, Duke Welker, Justin Wilson, Gaby Sanchez, Michael McKenry

Non Roster Candidates

Gerrit Cole, Victor Black, Chris Leroux
And actually right there are the 25 players I consider the best and I have a good argument for all of them. Lets look at the roster break down.

C: McKenry

1B: Jones, Sanchez

2B: Walker

3B: Alvarez


OF: Snider, Marte, McCutchen

SP: Burnett, McDonald, Karstens, Rodriguez, Bedard, Locke, Wilson, Cole

RP: Grilli, Hanrahan, Hughes, Resop, Morris, Watson, Welker, Black, Leroux

Anyone see a problem here yet? The best 25 man roster consists of 16 pitchers and only 9 position players. Plus there is no shortstop and no backup catcher. I’m sure you could argue against some guys I included and argue for some player like possibly Harrison, Presley or Tabata but you get my drift. There are seriously flaws if you build a roster based solely on the best 25 players.

Now lets actually try to build an optimal roster.

Catcher: McKenry

1st Base: Jones

2nd Base: Walker

3rd Base: Alvarez

Shortstop: Barmes

Left Field: Marte

Center Field: McCutchen

Right Field: Snider

Bench: Barajas, Sanchez, Navarro, Mercer, Tabata

Rotation: Burnett, McDonald, Karstens, Rodriguez, Bedard

Bullpen: Leroux, Watson, Wilson, Resop, Hughes, Grilli, Hanrahan

September Call Ups: Tony Sanchez, Jeff Clement, Chase d’Arnaud, Alex Presley, Bryan Morris, Tim Wood, Doug Slaten


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