Time For Some Perspective

A Major League Baseball season is 162 games long and if you are new to the sport or maybe have a short attention span you can forget just how long that is. Just 4 games ago the Pirates entered the game with a record of 63-47 but since then they lost 3 in a row and fell behind early today which caused a lot of Pirate fans to claim the season was over (for what I think is the 10th time this season). This was a huge over reaction that new Pirate fans keep doing. I assume the reason behind this is because most new Pirate fans are Steeler fans and to them one loss is devastating but lets think about this for a second.

Three games in the MLB regular season is roughly the same proportion of a season as 18 minutes of one football game is. Eighteen minutes!! Think about that for a second that is just a touch over a quarter basically nothing and yet people make a big deal about the Pirates losing three in a row. To put it into further perspective the best example I can give is the Steelers being 6-4 and trailing 10-0 with 12 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter of the 11th game. Is the season over then? Not by a long a shot.
The Pirates currently sit 4.5 games back of the Reds with 48 games to play. What that means is they are going to have to play every set of 10 games 1 win better than the Reds something that is certainly doable. They also hold a 2.5 game lead over the Cardinals and Dodgers for the last playoff spot.  Anyway you look at it despite the poor play of late the Pirates are sitting in a very good spot and with a big 4 game series coming up against the Dodgers and then another 3 game series against the Cardinals they have a chance to further better their position. In baseball patience is the key; there is no clock and one game means very little over the course of the season. Also every team loses and you know what every team goes on losing streaks its baseball that happens. So the next time the Pirates lose a game or god forbid two in a row remember its baseball this happens and there is no need to overreact. Keep an eye on teams like the Reds, Nationals, Cardinals, Giants, Braves and Dodgers they will lose two in a row at some point in the remainder of this season as well.


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