It Is a Marathon

Recently I notice a lot of new Pirate fans overreacting after every Pirate loss. I blame this on the fact that they have a football mindset. I don’t show it here but I am one of the biggest Steeler fans you will ever meet and I get it when they lose a game it is a huge and potentially devastating blow. But in baseball its not like that at all. One loss over the course of 16 games hurt but one loss over the course of 162 barely leaves a dent. Also fact is the best teams in baseball lose a higher percentage of their games than the best teams in football. Don’t believe me think about it this way. If a football team goes 11-5 the general consensus is they had a nice season but if a baseball team goes 108-54 they had an all time great season. Both represents a team winning roughly two thirds of their games but they are taken in widely different contexts. In baseball you are going to win 54 and lose 54 its the other 54 that matter. The Pirates already have 6 wins in the games that matter and no losses.

Just keep things in perspective baseball teams lose and the Pirates are no exception. The last two games the Reds were the better team and there is no shame in that the Reds are probably playing like the best team in baseball right now. If the Pirates can salvage a win today and take 1 out of 3 that is really just fine. Does it hurt their division chances? Of course it does but in baseball more than any other sport you just have to look towards tomorrow.

So the Pirates enter today 5.5 games back of the Reds but 14 games above 500 and sitting in one of the wildcard positions. The Cardinals are charging hard but the Pirates still hold the lead. Fortunately odds are the Pirates will not play a team like these Reds again this season. Yes I know they play the Reds six more times after today but chances are it won’t be these white-hot guys it will be the more normal Reds team. Things will get better and there is always tomorrow in baseball. All this doesn’t mean the Pirates will make the playoffs or finish above 500 because well collapses do happen. Just as the Reds have gotten hot the Pirates could go ice cold and struggle to win another game. But during the whole process you just have to keep thinking there is always tomorrow. For that is the beauty of baseball.



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