A Look at 2013

With a day off today I figured why not take a look at the possible 2013 squad. It will be a very brief look as I don’t want to take too much away from the current squad. First let’s take a look at who is currently on the 40 man roster.

Free Agents

Erik Bedard

Kevin Correia

Juan Cruz

Chad Qualls

Jason Grilli

Notes: Not much to discuss here in terms of 2013. I expect Bedard, Correia, Cruz and Qualls to all move on with the Pirates making very little effort to sign any of them. Grilli on the other hand I tend to think will resign with the Pirates due to his relationship with Hurdle. It isn;t a guarantee by any means but I expect he will be back.

Players Under Contract

AJ Burnett

Wandy Rodriguez

Clint Barmes

Andrew McCutchen

Jose Tabata

Notes: Burnett, Rodriguez and McCutchen will obviously be back and featured prominently on the 2013 team. The other two player Barmes and Tabata will likely be back as well unless the Pirates can find a trade partner. I expect the Pirates to be relatively aggressive shopping these two in the offseason and wouldn’t be surprised to see either moved although I believe Tabata is the most likely. Barmes could have some suitors looking for a stop gap at SS so I wouldn’t rule out him being dealt as a possibility.

Players With Options

Pedro Alvarez

Rod Barajas

Notes: Alvarez will of course be back and should be a fixture at 3B. Barajas on the other hand is an interesting case. He isn’t doing particularly well lately but is valuable as a defensive guy and team leader. The Pirates are thin at catcher options and would likely have to rely on McKenry and Sanchez if they choose to not bring Barajas back. Right now I’d lean towards Barajas returning but it’s close, if McKenry and Sanchez continue to perform well the chances of Barajas being left go increases especially if his performance continues to be poor.

Arb Eligible

Joel Hanrahan

Jeff Karstens

Charlie Morton

Garrett Jones

Evan Meek

Chris Resop

James McDonald

Neil Walker

Gaby Sanchez

Notes: The big name on the list is Hanrahan and considering he will likely cost in excess of 7 million dollars I don’t think the Pirates will bring him back next season. Make no mistake they will tender him but I see him being dealt this winter. Karstens, McDonald and Morton I saw as a 2 of 3 deal coming into the season and that remains the case. Right now it is fairly clear the two that will be back are McDonald and Karstens. Which means Morton is likely to be non tendered. I also saw Resop and Meek as an either or proposition and althoug Resop hasn’t been great he has been better than Meek and should survive for at least one more season. Of the remaining 3 Walker is the big no brainer as he will be retained. As for Jones and Sanchez that is the Pirates 1B platoon and even though Jones will be a bit expensive I believe the Pirates will bring him back for one more go at 1B and Sanchez will be cheap and definitely retained.

League Min Will Definitely Return

Michael McKenry

Tony Watson

Alex Presley

Jared Hughes

Travis Snider

Starling Marte

Jeff Locke

Justin Wilson

Notes: Pretty much just some solid contributors who can be retained for the league minimum and will pretty easily be retained.

League Min With Good Chance to Return

Josh Harrison

Jordy Mercer

Bryan Morris

Matt Hague

Kyle McPherson

Duke Welker

Notes: Its possible one or more of these guys will be removed from the roster but chances are that they will all return.

League Min Who’s Spot is in Jeopardy

Gustavo Nunez

Daniel McCutchen

Eric Fryer

Oscar Tejeda

Yamaico Navarro

Chase d’Arnuad

Notes: Essentially this is the current bottom of the 40 man roster and if the Pirates add more players than they have open spaces after the non tender to arb players and departing free agents someone from this list will likely be taken off the roster,

Potential Internal Additions to 40 Man Roster

Jose Morales

Jeff Clement

Doug Slaten

Chris Leroux

Tim Wood

Rule V

Tony Sanchez

Brock Holt

Victor Black

Phillip Irwin

Notes: The first group consists of players who I could see being added to the 40 man roster to help out in September. Chances are Morales and Wood would just be temporary pieces for September. Clement is an interesting case as he has the ability to be a good bench bat but it would appear the Pirates really wouldn’t have a spot for him after this season. The other two, Leroux and Slaten could have some long term value to the Pirates as RP or maybe in Leroux’s case even as a 5th starter. The second group consists of the 4 players I expect to be added to the 40 man roster to protect from the Rule V draft. Two other possibilities are Cunningham and Dodson but I doubt they will be protected.

Outside Acquisitions

Notes: Won’t get into specifics here but I could see the Pirates going after anything from a C to a 1B to a SS to an OF to bench help. Chances are Hanrahan, Tabata, Barmes and maybe even Jones will be available in a trade so the Pirates could bring someone in in a trade. One thing is for sure is the Pirates are going to need to go find some help in the bullpen.

25 Man Roster Projection

Just for the heck of it …

C: McKenry

1B: Jones

2B: Walker

3B: Alvarez

SS: Barmes

LF: Marte

CF: McCutchen

RF: Snider


C: Barajas

CI: Sanchez

MI: Mercer

OF: Presley

U: Harrison


SP: Burnett

SP: Rodriguez

SP: McDonald

SP: Karstens

SP: Leroux (just a hunch)


CL: Grilli

SU: Hughes

RP: Free Agent (Veras/Cruz mold)

RP: Resop

RP: Wastson

RP: Slaten

RP: Morris


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