Wands and Stars

What a set of days for the Pirates in the matter of 24 hours we have received the news that the Pirates made an aggressive move and acquired Wandy Rodriguez and called up hot shot prospect Starling Marte. Rodriguez should go a long way in stabilizing the rotation not only this year but next year as well. The Pirates paid a big price in Grossman (the other two were minor pieces) but I think it was worth it. This shows the Pirates are serious about competing this year now go get us two one bat.

You may ask why I dropped it to one well that’s because we have found a bat from our own system. Starling Marte is going to join the team and all I can say is it is great timing. The Pirates need help in the corner outfield positions both offensively and defensively and Marte should go a long way in providing that.
Two great moves for the Pirates in the past 24 hours but a few more are still needed. For instance I would like to see Clement called up to help the bench and a bat acquired who can hit leadoff for the Pirates. These days have been rare the past few years but they are becoming more frequent, yes siree it is a great day to be a Pirate fan.


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