A Vote For Headley

We have had all this talk about Upton lately and I’m not too proud to say that I don’t want him. He is too expensive both in terms of prospects and actual salary. However that doesn’t mean I am against a big splash move. I would absolutely love the Pirates to make a big splash move for Chase Headley. As for what would we do with him I would send him to RF, I know he isn’t much of an OF but we have been playing Jones and Sutton out there, he can’t be much worse. Next year we can move him back to 3B and teach Pedro 1B.

As for what I would give up for him I would do everything in my power to avoid moving Cole, Taillon, Heredia, Marte or Hanson. I think that is a fairly reasonable goal but even so in a one for one trade I would have to really consider Marte for Headley. However with reports the Padres are interested in Lincoln I have to assume he could be part of a package and therefore lesser prospects would be required. I would hate to do it but I would probably go as far as centering a package around Grossman and Lincoln. The Padres get a very good OF prospect in Grossman who has tremendously plate discipline and a pitcher in Lincoln who is a back of the bullpen option or a 4th or 5th starter type. I would also be up for including a lesser 3rd piece.

This would give the Pirates a lineup for the remainder of the year like:

Marte, LF

Walker, 2B

McCutchen, CF

Jones/McGehee, 1B

Headley, RF

Alvarez, 3B

Barajas, C

Barmes, SS

And next year’s team would look something like:

Marte, LF

Walker, 2B

McCutchen, CF

Alvarez, 1B

Headley, 3B

Jones/Tabata?, RF

Barajas, C

Barmes, SS

I’m a little hesitant about having Marte hit leadoff but he seems like our best option in that lineup. If he struggles Presley can take his place. Just one man’s opinion though.


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