Trade Deadline Preview Part 3

What Do The Pirates Have To Offer?

In this installment I am going to take a brief look at what the Pirates have to offer in a trade and what it would take for the Pirates to move certain players.

Not Untouchable but ….

Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillion, Luis Heredia, Josh Bell, Starling Marte, Alen Hanson, Gregory Polanco

Note: The above 7 players along with Mark Appel, if he signs, are 8 Pirate prospects with a good chance of being in top 100 rankings going into next season. These players are the not untouchable but it would take the perfect deal for the Pirates to move them. I imagine these guys would only be moved for the right player who could be controlled for several years and the Pirates felt vastly upgraded not only the current team but the team in future seasons as well. I highly doubt any of them will be traded.

Best Of The Non-Elite

Tony Sanchez, Rudy Owens, Justin Wilson, Jeff Locke, Duke Welker, Bryan Morris, Kyle McPherson, Robbie Grossman, Victor Black, Matt Curry, Jarek Cunningham, Brock Holt, Drew Maggi, Colton Cain, Gift Ngoepe, Alex Dickerson, Mel Rojas, Zack Dodson, Nicholas Kingham, Zach Von Rosenberg, Jose Osuna, Willy Garcia, Jake Burnette, Jason Creasy, Clay Holmes, Colten Brewer, Tyler Glasnow, Jorge Bishop, Dilson Herrera, Candon Myles

Note: This fairly large group is what I consider basically to be the best of the rest. The value of these prospects is wide but in general I can see the Pirates being willing to move anyone on this list for a good rental piece, a lower tier long term piece or even as a secondary piece in a bigger trade. Just a gut feeling of mine but I think the most likely to be moved of the group are Owens, Wilson, Locke, Morris, Grossman, Holt, Rojas,  Kingham and Garcia.

Best of The Rest

Tim Alderson, Ramon Cabrera, Brandon Cumpton, Phillip Irwin, Jeff Inman, Evan Chambers, Andrew Lambo, Quincy Latimore, Adalberto Santos, Matt Benedict, Zac Foster, Josh Poytress, Jhonathan Ramos, Casey Sadler, Jason Townsend, Tyler Waldron, Carlos Paulino, Elevys Gonzalez, Dan Grovatt, Zachary Fuesser, Ryan Hafner, Robby Rowland, Elias Diaz, Eric Avilla, TYhonathan Barrios, Jodaneli Carvajal

Note: The above it just a few names of some of the remaining interesting guys in the Pirates system. None of them have much value in a trade but for a low level rental or as a throw in another deal any of the above and so many more could be moved.

Major League Assets

Matt Hague, Jeff Clement, Josh Harrison, Chase d’Arnaud, Jordy Mercer, Yamaico Navarro, Jose Tabata, Alex Presley, Brad Lincoln, Jared Hughes, Chris Leroux, Evan Meek, Daniel McCutchen, Kevin Correia, Erik Bedard

Note: The above players with the exceptions of Correia and Bedard are young major league players whom I believe the Pirates would be willing to include in a package for the right player. Some of them would be more easily moved than others but I don’t think any would be a deal breaker for a player the Pirates truly coveted. As for Correia and Bedard the Pirates could serve as a bit of a seller and move them to a team looking for back of the rotation help but only in the right deal.

I expect the Pirates this trade deadline to focus on moving some of their middle group of prospects. Guys like Owens, Locke, Wilson and Grossman may not bring back the big name player some fans want to see but moving guys of that ilk would allow the Pirates to keep the core of their farm together while still having valuable pieces available to trade and improve the current team. Of course this will limit the Pirates return likely to a good rental or maybe a lesser player who is under control next year as well. This is the path teams like the Pirates need to stick to if they want to be consistent competitors year in and year out. With that being said if the right deal came along and the Pirates got someone they could control for 3+ years I would think they would be open to moving basically anyone this side of Andrew McCutchen.

The names I listed above are meant to just give a general idea of who the Pirates may move and what on a basic level they would seek in return. For more detailed information wait for my fourth and fifth installments when I focus on potential targets (4th) and what I would be comfortable moving for them (5th).


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