Time To Reflect

The baseball season is a long haul and over the course of it we as fans tend to over scrutinize each game and also what could happen in the future. We let what is going on in the present escape us and we don’t enjoy it. The talk is always about what is next or can this continue or will this improve, etc. The Pittsburgh Pirates, my team and presumably yours now have the next 4 days off. There is no better time to take a deep breathe and look at where our team currently sits.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are now 11 games over .500 and 1 game up on the Cincinnati Reds. That is simply amazing and deserves a few moments of our thoughts. Right now is not the time to worry about if the Pirates can finish over 500 or compete for the playoffs. It is time to sit back and enjoy where we are right now. It is impressive what this team has done, they have far exceeded my expectations and the expectations of nearly everyone else.

For once in this crazy world it is a great day to be a Pirate fan and we all need to enjoy it. I know us fans come in all types we have the die-hards, the stalwarts who were chased off by the losing streak, the casual fan who only pays slight attention and the more generic band wagoner who knows next to nothing about the past few year teams. All of those fans are free to enjoy it as they wish and I welcome you are with open arms but let me tell you this none of you will ever get as much joy out of this as us. People of my ilk go beyond simple die-hards and are part of a more pure class, one where we see this team for what it is white, black and every shade of grey in between. There is not an official name for us but I always refer to us as the never-die fans. This means more to me and my ilk than anyone could ever know.

But alas we take all kinds here in Pirate land. Don’t try to classify yourself now or fret to much about the future. Just take the next four days to embrace and reflect upon what has been an amazing first half. There is but one way for me to end this and that is by saying: LET’S GO BUCS!!!!


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