Free Starling Marte?

What can you say about Marte? He just put up a great month of June and looks to be on his way to becoming a great major league but the question is when? Do the Pirates call him up now even if he might not be completely ready (as his K and BB numbers still suggest) or do they let him refine his game in the minors. Most Pirate fans are clamoring for him because of the poor play from Tabata and Presley but struggles of major leaguers is a terrible reason to promote prospects. Marte shouldn’t come to Pittsburgh because anyone is struggling he should come to Pittsburgh because he is ready.

There is little doubt that Marte in the long run is the Pirates best internal optional for a corner OF spot and it could even be argued that right now he is the best option but the Pirates need Marte to be at his best not just better than what they have. When Starling is ready he should come to Pittsburgh but I am of the opinion that he is not ready yet. Something needs done to upgrade the corner OF spots and I have given my opinion on the subject earlier but I will digress for now this is about Marte.

Starling Marte has the potential to be great, to be a long term fixture in the OF beside Andrew McCutchen heck he even has the ability to make Cutch move to a corner. Marte has the potential to be everything the Pirates desperately need right now but yet he has everything they need for the future and that Marte needs time to grow. He is almost there another few weeks to a month of consistent play and I’ll be beating the drum right alongside the rest of the fan base but for now let him stay in AAA where he can work on his faults and become everything this team needs not only now but in the future as well.


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