Short and sweet. When Barajas gets healthy the Pirates should promote Jeff Clement to the majors. He has been consistent in AAA all season; hitting for an OPS of .810 in April, .907 in May and .887 to date in June. The Pirates are receiving basically no production from their current corner outfielders, Presley and Tabata, but yet they continue to trot both of them out there. Meanwhile Garrett Jones has been playing respectably and moving him to RF would allow the Pirates to play only 1 of Presley or Tabata. Jones would of course have to be platooned in RF but Tabata, Harrison, Sutton or even Hernandez could fill that role. Clement would assume Jones half of the platoon with McGehee at 1st base.

My preference for all of this would be that when Barajas gets healthy I would DFA Fryer, add Clement to the roster and call him up. I would also send Tabata down (or put him in the DL to rest his hip) and call up Gorkys Hernandez. Leroux would replace Resop but that really isn’t relevant here. This would leave the Pirates with a lineup like:

vs Righties

Presley/Sutton, LF

Walker, 2B

McCutchen, CF

Jones, RF

Alvarez, 3B

Barajas, C

Clement, 1B

Barmes, SS (for the sake of argument I would like to see Harrison here but …)

vs Lefties

Sutton/Presley, LF

Walker, 2B

McCutchen, CF

McGehee, 1B

Alvarez, 3B

Barajas, C

Hernandez, RF

Barmes, SS (Same as above)

Sutton and Presley would not be part of a straight platoon but would share the LF spot on a matchup basis.Its not perfect and is really at best a temporary fix but I think its worth a shot.


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