Where’s Jordy Mercer?

I am having trouble understanding why Jordy Mercer is on the Pittsburgh Pirates. He apparently isn’t the backup shortstop because the last few days when Barmes had a day off it was Harrison starting. He also isn’t here because of his pinch hitting ability as he has only had 1 plate appearance in his last two weeks. Mercer also isn’t being used at 2nd 0r 3rd as Walker starts nearly every day and Alvarez has McGehee backing him up. Meanwhile the Pirates remain undermanned in the OF with only Tabata, Presley and McCutchen as true outfielders. I know Jones and Harrison can play there too but it would seem having Hernandez up here as a 4th OF would make more sense than having Mercer here as a 3rd SS.

Contrary to this coaching staff’s apparent belief Mercer actually is a decent prospect who should be getting regular playing time be it here or in AAA but that is just not happening. Hurdle’s need to have a barely used 4th middle infielder on his team is just insane to me and the Pirates need to make better use of that space. My suggestion is of course Hernandez but a bat off the bench like Clement would work as well as would another arm in the pen. The Pirates are not in a position to play with 24 men so its time to #FreeJordyMercer.


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