Oh Pedro

He teases us with games like this every once in a while but overall he just doesn’t look like a good ball player. He can show us terrific power by swatting a ball nearly a mile but he can also make us all shake our heads by striking out 4 times a game. It almost seems like you taunt us Pedro, your offensive skills are exactly what this team desperately needs but yet you don’t show those skills nearly often enough. It was fairly common knowledge going into this season that you were the most important player to this team, your success or failure could buoy or sink the Pirates season.

So he we stand more than 60 games into the season and what exactly has changed? The answer, nothing. The Pirates find themselves on the fringe of contention and at the very least with a shot of breaking the 19 year losing streak. The debate about whether Pedro should be in the majors or AAA continues to rage amongst fans, media members and probably even the Pirates own front office. And above all else Pedro Alvarez remains the most important player to the success or failure of the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates.

I don’t see this Pirates team as a serous contender nor do I see them snapping the losing streak but there is one caveat in all of this: Pedro Alvarez. If Alvarez can become a feared middle of the order bat this team has the pitching, the offensive super star (McCutchen) and the supporting cast to at least finish 500 and maybe even hang in there in the central.

Nothing has changed these Pirates still need Alvarez so everything the Pirates can do to help needs to be done. Change his hitting stance or hire a personal hitting coach it really doesn’t matter what they need to do it needs to be done. Above all else though we find ourselves at the exact same place where this all started this season and it is with this simple phrase: Pedro is going to play and we need to pray.


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