Its a Good Day To Be A Pirate Fan

Usually I use this blog to point out what could be or should be improved with the Pirates. However this is not a time to do that. Things are going well in Pirate nation. The team is in first place, draft picks are already starting to sign, the pitching is keeping up, the offense improving and we have a chance to fight Scott Boras again but this time the system is on our side.

I could sit here and break down the winning streak or argue why I think it will or will not continue but for now I am just going to sit back, relax and watch what happens. There are things that need discussed such as who might the Pirates trade for at the deadline, should a bat be called up for the AL parks, and should Lincoln remain in the rotation but for today lets push that all to the side and take pride in our First Place Bucs.

Because for one day at least it is a good day to be a Pirate Fan


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