House of Horrors

Over the course of the last two seasons the Pirates have exercised a bunch of their demons but a couple still remain. One is rather obvious and it has been around 19 years. Whether they can exercise that one or not this season is another discussion for another day. Outside of that one though there is one more that sticks out like a sore thumb. Its name to most of the rest of baseball is Miller Park but to the Pirates it is simply the house of horrors.

The Pirates return to their house of horrors this weekend and everything seems to be going their way. The Brewers are struggling, the Pirates are playing well (having won 5 of 6), the Pirates will also avoid Grienke and Gallarado while throwing Bedard and McDonald. If there was ever a time to go to the house of horrors and make a statement that time is now.

I’m not one of those wide-eyed optimists who believe the Pirates can contend for the division title this season but I do believe a different culture is here and taking 2 of 3 from the Brewers at their home would be a huge step in validating that belief and showing the league we are no longer pushovers.


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