Back At .500

After defeating the Reds yesterday the Pirates are back at 500. Is this a huge accomplishment? No not really but it is a positive sign and it shows me the Pirates are doing fairly well this season. The month of April and first part of May was on paper the most difficult portion of the Pirate season and emerging from it at 24-24 is good. There are problems of course, lack of offense, inconsistency from Alvarez, and a few others and there are obvious holes at 1B, SS and one corner OF spot.

The Pirates aren’t a great baseball team I think that much is obvious. All the cries for them to go get a bat to try and compete in the Central division are a little outlandish, the Pirates aren’t that good. However if the pitching can keep going well and some players such as Hague, Barmes, Mercer, Presley or Marte can help spark the offense this team is capable of finishing 500.

With all that being said this is not the Pirates year come July 31st they should be looking to see what they can get for the likes of Hanrahan and Bedard. Dos that mean punting on the season? No it doesn’t. There is no rule saying those guys can’t be traded for young players capable of helping immediately.

It is going to be a very tough balancing act preparing for the future and helping the current team out but with some shrewd moves the Pirates can manage to do it.


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