Checking In: AAA Hitters

Its no secret the Pirates MLB offense has been struggling and when something like this happens the first place fans look and teams should look for a boost is AAA. Here is a quick look at how the players are faring so far this season.


Eric Fryer: .497 OPS

Jose Morales: .720 OPS

Corner Infielders

Jake Fox: .816 OPS

Matt Hague: .645 OPS

Jeff Clement: .778 OPS

Nick Evans: .586 OPS

Middle Infielders

Jordy Mercer: .781 OPS

Anderson Hernandez: .383 OPS

Brian Friday: .473 OPS

Chase d’Arnaud: .657 OPS


Brandon Boggs: .727

Starling Marte: .780

Gorkys Hernandez: .725

Miles Durham: .367

Matt Hague, Jordy Mercer, Chase d’Arnaud, Starling Marte and Gorkys Hernandez are the players currently on the 40 man roster. I believe it is too early to call up either Marte or Mercer as I feel both need more time in AAA and d’Arnuad just returned from an injury so he probably needs a little more time in AAA. This leaves Matt Hague and Gorkys Hernandez as options.

Of the non-roster players the only ones with an OPS over 700 are Morales, Fox, Clement and Boggs. Any of the 4 could be called up but Morales and Fox would seem the most likely. So all of this leaves the Pirates with Morales, Hague, Fox and Hernandez as legitimate options to be called up. Lets take a closer look at the performance of these 4 players.

Jose Morales:

April: .235/.316/.412

May: .292/.379/.333

MLB: .289/.365/.344

AAA: .303/.367/.404

Matt Hague

April: .222/.250/.259

May: .346/.397/.385

MLB: .111/.111/.111

AAA: .305/.364/.434

Jake Fox

April: .353/.421/.765

May: .262/.333/.333

MLB: .237/.288/.425

AAA: .300/.369/.574

Gorkys Hernandez

April: .254/.357/.305

May: .294/.345/.451

AAA: .276/.332/.348

As you can see Fox has the best track record of the group but he is beginning to cool off in May and as a streaky hitter may not be worth bringing up. Hague was off to a poor start in April but is starting to hit some in May. Morales has been consistent and has a decent MLB track record so he is definitely worth a look should the Pirates consider going a different route at the catcher position. Hernandez is putting up numbers which indicate he may be able to come up and be a decent bench option but not much else.

So bottom line the Pirates don’t have much help at AAA right now. Morales could come up and replace McKenry but the difference would probably be slight. Hague or Fox could come up and replace one of Navarro or Harrison and that would probably improve the offense on the bench slightly but again the difference is slight. Hernandez could come up and replace McLouth if the Pirates opt to DFA him but that would make the Pirates bench completely right handed and not really upgrade the offense at all.



  1. Micah Martin

    I think we should trade Hanrahan for Kendrys Morales. Instant Power in the middle of our lineup and also solves the first base problem. He is also under contract for 2 more years at a very friendly price. Finally, he is only 28.

    • burghfan66

      Never liked the idea of Morales. I think Hanrahan could fetch more plus Morales is injury prone. Always kind of liked the idea of getting Trumbo from the Angels though.

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