I’m really getting concerned with this complete lack of offense. We have now completed roughly 20% of the season and we have scored 89 runs. At this pace the Pirates will score 451 runs and that is beyond awful its nearly inconceivable. At this point there are no fixes, the Pirates just have to work with what they have. Tabata and Walker are slowly looking like they are coming around but Pedro now looks like he is regressing. McCutchen has been good and the production from 1B has been reasonably good but Presley is struggling and the Pirates are getting nothing from the C or SS positions. In reality there is no help in AAA for any of these positions outside of possibly Marte replacing Presley. I suppose d’Arnaud or Mercer could step up and help at SS and Fryer or Morales could do the same at catcher but neither seems likely.

The bench isn’t even really producing. McLouth has been awful, McKenry has shown himself to be only marginally better than Barajas this season, McGehee started strong but is fading and the duo of Harrison and Navarro has been unimpressive thus far. The Pirates could opt to bring up a player like Hague, Morales, Evans, Fox or Hernandez to help the bench but I don’t think that helps much. Don’t get me wrong right now I probably would like to see Fox called up and one of Navarro/Harrison sent down just because I see them as redundant.

I could sit here and suggest tons of move and there are a handful I would actually like to see but in reality none will make a huge difference. The offense is going to have to turn it around with what is here and at this point I have serious doubts about their ability to do so. Which is disturbing because this team has the pitching to at least be competitive even with average hitting however with an offense that scores fewer than 3 runs per game I think they will struggle to get to 70 wins and there is more talent here than that.


I hope this team proves me wrong but as of now I can’t see the rest of this season going well. Hopefully the offense as it is or with maybe a few tweaks will find itself and start producing at an acceptable level because this can be a good team. Come on Bucco Bats turn this season around.


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