How To Fix The Offense?

Let me start out by saying I don’t know how to fix the Pirates offense but I do have some suggestions.

The first problem everyone points too is Pedro Alvarez and yes he is a problem but I don’t think the Pirates gain anything from sending him to AAA at this point. If they send him down it can’t be for just a few weeks or a month it needs to be for an extended period of time which means they will not see him have much significant playing time in the majors. So the problem would just be repeated next season. Bottom line is he needs to play in the majors for at least the first 6 weeks to 2 months.

Now on to some solutions:

– McGehee’s past track record and his showing thus far this season has in my opinion earned him a starting job

– The struggles of Tabata have reached a point where he needs to start being spelled on a semi-regular basis why he figures it out

– Alvarez needs to be given the best chance to succeed, meaning he shouldn’t face left handers. With McGehee at 1st base Harrison should be the other half of the platoon

– Barmes and Barajas have been so poor offensively that I feel McKenry and Navarro should be given some playing time over them.

So what does this leave us with:

C: Barajas (7 out of 10 games), McKenry (3 out of 10 games)

1B: McGehee

2B: Walker

3B: Alvarez (against RH), Harrison (against LH)

SS: Barmes (7 out of 10 games), Navarro (3 out of 10 games)

LF: Presley

CF: McCutchen

RF: Tabata (against all LH and some RH), Jones (against some RH)

Jones will also of course make a few starts at 1B (against RH) and McLouth will serve as the backup for Presley and McCutchen.


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