Six is a Crowd

The Pirates have themselves a good problem. In 5 short days one of the Pirates six bench players will need to be sent down to make room for a 5th starter (presumably Charlie Morton). The “problem” is I don’t want to send any of them down. Of the six players it is obvious McKenry, McLouth or McGehee won’t be sent anywhere so that leaves us with Hague, Harrison and Navarro. All 3 of those players bring something to the table and having to send anyone of them down is going to affect the team.

With Hague the Pirates have a good bat off the bench, who has a little pop and who can help platoon the corner infield spots. The biggest thing Hague brings to the table is his bat but on the downside his defense isn’t great and he has essentially no position versatility.

In Harrison the Pirates have a speedy player who is great at making contact. He isn’t great defensively but plays a decent 3B and can also play a passable 2B. If necessary he can also give you some time at SS or in the OF but that isn’t ideal.

Navarro I believe is the toughest one to send down because he has a good bat, defensive versatility and decent speed. I actually think he should start taking some starts from Barmes at SS (I’m not speaking many, maybe something like 1 out of every 4 or 5 games).

In the end I think the decision comes down to Hague or Harrison. I really want Hague to be the player that stays in the majors because he has the better bat but at the end of the day with Jones and McGehee already handling 1B playing time for Hague will be limited so I think the decision has to be to send Hague down and keep Harrison in the majors.


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