Ahh, Opening Day

We finally made it, we survived our 6 month hibernation and we have reached my favorite unofficial national holiday. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time; time to let the cry of “Play Ball!” be heard throughout the land. This is a day unlike any other in my opinion, seeing the green grass, watching our teams play games that count and sensing baseball in the air is a special feeling. This feeling stays throughout the entire baseball season but there is something special about opening day, it is the first taste we have of the wonderful things that have been hiding from us for six long months. Some say baseball is no longer America’s pastime but I disagree; it may not be the most popular sport in the nation but I feel it is one that generates the most passion and is most deeply ingrained in us. This is a special day and it needs to be cherished and appreciated for what it really is.

As Pirate fans some time we let the near inevitability of a loss season distract us from what Opening Day truly represents. Everyone starts with a clean slate, a 0-0 record and hope that they climb to the top of the mountain and become World Champions. This day is about hope and no matter what we shouldn’t forget that. Be us 8 or 80, Pirate fan or Yankee fan, new baseball fan or old this day has a special place and we need to let its meaning and feeling seek in. Today is not a day for negativity, today is a day to dream big, today is a day to think anything is possible, today is a day to believe that not only may our Pirates finish .500 but that they may win the World Series. On any other day this would all sound crazy but not today, Opening Day is not a day for logic it is a day for hope. So I ask all of you to listen to my advice and dream big, just for one day, don’t let reality ruin this day for you; it is bigger than that, it is a day to celebrate. Our ears, eyes, mouth, hands, nose and our 6th baseball sense will show us just how much we missed this great game and for just one day we need to let our heart and hope win. For today is only about to things, hope and those two words we all love to hear, “Play Ball!”


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