Oh, Pedro

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro what are we to do with you? Your power potential is so intriguing and is the exact thing our lineup needs but yet you leave something to be desired. A 40%+ strike out rate just will not do but yet again your 25-30 home run potential is something no one else in the system has. To be honest any real hope we have of a productive major league lineup rests on  your shoulders but then again it appears you might prevent us from even having a respectable one. We need you in the majors but we need you as a legit power hitter not a sub .200 strike out machine. We could start you in the majors but will that fix your problem? Lets say it does when will we know your problem is fixed; it simply isn’t enough if you can hit AAA pitching we need you capable of hitting major league pitching. And if we do start you in the minors who plays 3rd and are we really better off letting them play? McGehee could go there but he is coming off a season not much better than yours and moving him would take away Jones’s platoon partner. Hague could play it but he is even worse defensively at 3rd than you. Harrison or Navarro could give it a go but there upside appears so low I must ask isn’t the risk we take with you worth the reward you can bring?

Huntington says you will start in the majors and it is difficult to say that is wrong however it is difficult to say that is right. On one hand you need to be in the majors and the Pirates need to try and tap your potential but on the other you need to be in the minors and the Pirates need to avoid your complete … lets just call it “poor play”.

So what’s the answer do we just go with you and prayer you figure it out or do we send you down and try to get by with a make shift solution for your position. Bottom line is this if we want to contend for the playoffs or heck even get near 500 we need you in this lineup; I honestly can’t see a way we get there without you hitting and providing some pop. Then again how important is it for us to try and get to 500 this season; it is rather obvious this isn’t the Pirates year so we need to do whatever we can to get ready for next season and yes that could possibly mean sending Pedro to AAA.

Its a difficult situation Huntington finds himself in. He needs Pedro in the majors but yet he needs the Pedro we believe in not the one we have been getting. The way to get that Pedro might be sending him down. It is a conundrum and it is really hard to fault Huntington for any action he would take but yet I can’t wrap my head around the concept that Pedro has earned his spot. So what to do? Sending him to the minors sounds like the best path but what if his troubles continue n the minors or what if he hits and then fails upon being called back up? At some point Pedro is going have to show us all, including Mr. Huntington, that he can handle major league pitching. Does it have to be right now? No, but it does have to be soon.

So I’ll pose the question to myself on final time, what should we do with Pedro? At the end of day it is a hard choice but I believe it is the only choice, Pedro needs to play and we need to pray. Good luck, Mr Alvarez. Pirate nation wishes you well and we are behind you. Our season depends on you. No pressure.


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