2012 Expectations

I am going to be starting a new 15 part series in the next few days outlining my expectations for the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates. I am not going to give a set schedule but I am going to try to do a post about every 2 or 3 days. The posts will be my predictions for how the players will perform, what I will be looking for and what it would take for me to consider the season successful. This will focus on the major league team, the minors, coaching, front office and the team as a whole. For the individual positions I will go over the starter, backups and top prospects.  Just for clarity’s sake the 15 pieces will be:


1st Base

2nd Base

3rd Base


Left Field

Center Field

Right Field

Starting Rotation


Minor Leagues – Hitters

Minor Leagues – Pitchers


Front Office

The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates as a whole


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