Predicting Minor League Assignments – DH

AAA: Jeff Clement

Like most of the minor league DH positions it will likely be manned by several players but the majority of the time at the beginning of the season will likely go to Jeff Clement. If Navarro, Harrison, d’Arnaud and Mercer all start off at this level one of them will likely see significant time at DH as well. Also Bradon Boggs who should be the 4th outfielder in AAA will probably also see some time as the DH.

AA: Ramon Cabrera, Calvin Anderson

With Tony Sanchez starting at catcher the Pirates will want to give Ramon Cabrera some at bats and the only real remaining position is DH so expect to see him get the majority of the playing time there and also fill in occasionally at catcher. If Anderson does start off at this level as I am predicting he will also see some significant time as the DH.

A+: Justin Howard

I’m not really sure who will be handling the DH duties at this level. I predicted Howard would be at this level backing up Dickerson so he is the one I have to choose, although it would not surprise me to see Cole White or Rogelios Noris get significant time here.

A: Chris Lashmet

Again I have no clue who will actually handle the DH duties but Lashmet should start at this level and since Osuna and Avila will likely be manning the corners and the outfield is crowded I would expect the Pirates to try to give Lashmet a good share of the DH at bats, just to get him some playing time. At least one of the many outfielders like Rodarrick Jones, Carlos Meas or Taylor Lewis will probably also receive a good deal of playing time at DH.


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