Arbitration, Yes or No?

The Pirates have quite a few players that are eligible for arbitration this offseason. The important ones fall into one of two categories: either they are players the Pirates may be able to get a draft pick for or they are players still under club control.

The four players the Pirates can get a draft pick for, assuming they offer arbitration the player declines and signs with another team, are:

Ryan Doumit, Chris Snyder, Derrek Lee and Ryan Ludwick

The eleven players the Pirates still control rights to who they can offer arbitration to are:

Ross Ohelndorf, Joel Hanrahan, Jeff Karstens, Jose Veras, Evan Meek, Garrett Jones, Charlie Morton, Chris Resop, Steve Pearce, Brandon Wood and Jason Grilli

So the point of this short post is to give my opinion on whether or not I believe the Pirates should or should not offer arbitration to these 15 players. So here are my opinions:

Doumit: Yes

Snyder: No

Lee: Yes

Ludwick: No

Ohlendorf: No

Hanrahan: Yes

Karstens: Yes

Veras: No

Meek: Yes

Jones: Yes

Morton: Yes

Resop: Yes

Pearce: No

Wood: No*

Grilli: No*


Grilli and Wood are the two to me who I believe are the most borderline. There is a case that both should be offered arbitration but there is the case that neither should be offered. I think the Pirates should try and sign them to deals but not offer arbitration. My reasoning is Wood has the power and versatility to warrant being retained but paying arbitration prices for a backup SS is not something the Pirates should do. Grilli will be in his 3rd year of arbitration and will therefore be rather expensive the Pirates should be able to get similar production out of league minimum players like Hughes and Moskos. Grilli’s performance at the end of the season though does make him worth keeping as long as it is at a reasonable price.


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