Minor League Awards

I am going to pick the top hitter, starting pitcher and reliever at each of the Pirates top 8 affiliates. I am also going to pick two notable hitters and a disappointing hitter and pitcher. The players must meet the following criteria: In the full season leagues the hitters need at least 200 PA, the SP need at least 10 starts and the RP need at least 40 IP. The numbers are exactly half for the four short season leagues (100 PA 5 GS and 20 IP respectively). There is also an age restriction of 25 y.o. for AAA, 24 y.o. for AA, 23 y.o. for A+, 22 y.o. for A, 21 y.o. for A- and 20 y.o. for the 3 rookie leagues. Anyone over that age will not be considered even though there are a few deserving candidates.


Top Hitter: Alex Presley

Notable: Matt Hague, Josh Harrison

Disappointment: Andrew Lambo

Top SP: Justin Wilson

Top RP: Jared Hughes

Disappointment: Rudy Owens


Top Hitter: Starling Marte

Notable: Jordy Mercer, Andrew Lambo

Disappointment: Tony Sanchez

Top SP: Kyle McPherson

Top RP: Tim Alderson

Disappointment: Bryan Morris


Top Hitter: Robbie Grossman

Notable: Ramon Cabrera, Adalberto Santos

Disappointment: Evan Chambers

Top SP: Kyle McPherson

Top RP: Ryan Beckman

Disappointment: Quinton Miller


Top Hitter: Dan Grovatt

Notable: Drew Maggi, Kawika Emsley-Pai

Disappointment: Eric Avila

Top SP: Zack Dodson

Top RP: Casey Sadler

Disappointment: Trent Stevenson


Top Hitter: Alex Dickerson

Notable: Wes Freeman, Matthew Skirving

Disappointment: Walker Gourley

Top SP: Nicholas Kingham

Top RP: Emmanuel De Leon

Disappointment: Trent Stevenson


Top Hitter: Jose Osuna

Notable: Yonathan Barrios, Alen Hanson

Disappointment: Gregory Polanco

Top SP: Orlando Castro

Top RP: Dovydas Neverauskas

Disappointment: Bryton Trepagnier


Top Hitter: Jesus Vasquez

Notable: Raul Fortunato, Diego Goris

Disappointment: Maximo Rivera

Top SP: Francisco Vilchez

Top RP: Aneudu Merejo

Disappointment: Juan Mendoza


Top Hitter: Ulises Montilla

Notable: Edgar Munoz, Dilson Herrera

Disappointment: Luis Sucre

Top SP: Oderman Rocha

Top RP: Jose Marrujo

Disappointment: Alexander Gutierrez


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