What a rough month it has been. With only 3 games remaining this month the Pirates have went 8-19 so far. Just to help you visualize how bad this really is, had the Pirates played at this rate for all of 2011 they would have finished 9 games worse than last year’s team, which was just down right dreadful. The trend continued with this series against St Louis as the Pirates lost two close battles before winning one fairly convincingly and then lost the finale. Quite simply the team we have seen this month is not the same one we saw the past 4. What happened to that team? This new version is actually hitting a little better but its pitching far worse.

The Pirates end the month with 3 games against Houston so hopefully they can at least win 2 and post a double digit win month. September has the possibility of being a good month as the Pirates schedule looks pretty weak so if the April-July team can come back the Pirates have a chance to finish the season strong and get their win total into the mid or possibly even high 70s. Here’s hoping for that because I for one am getting tired of sighing.


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