A Sweet Split

It may have not been the line in the sand I called for but the Pirates have had to build some confidence with the split with the Brewers. The two blowouts they lost showed that the Brewers still have thier number but winning the other two games shows a slow turning of the tide. Amazingly enough the Pirates did it in the strangest way. The two games they won were ones in which Brad Lincoln and Aaron Thompson two unstretch out spot starters were pitching. Going against these two were the two prized offseason additions of the Milwaukee Brewers, Grienke and Marcum. To win those 2 games was absolutely huge.

It is rather apparent that 500 is not going to happen this season but thats ok noone really thought this was going to be the year for that. What does matter is that the Pirates have 3 more games left against Milwaukee and if they are able to build off of this split and be at least competitive in those games this group should be more confident headed into next season.Milwaukee may not have anything riding on those games but at thier recent rate they could still have a shot at home field.

The rest of the schedule is still full of meaningful games even if thie meaning isn’t what it was. A good finish down the stretch could do wonders for this team next season and hopefully this split is the start of that.


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