Roster Notes

Lots of action today. Joe Beimel was DFA’d, I wish him well in his future endeavors but his time was clearly up here. Tony Watson is now the top lefty out of the pen and Moskos will be up soon to be the other lefty. Beimel was DFA’d to make room for Ross Ohlendorf who absolutely bombed today in his first start back, with Maholm and Correia both on the DL though I don’t see Ohlendorf leaving the rotation anytime soon though. Steve Pearce was also placed on the DL and as far as I am convinced this should just about end his Pirate career. Matt Hague is a fairly similar player and has more upside so there is no reason he is not on the roster. Amazingly the Pirates was again passed on calling up Hague and once again recalled Pedro Ciriaco who is another player that has little business being on the 40 man roster. I believe this will be his 5th stint though I may be double counting one and he receives no playing time when he is here. Basically he is just wasted space on the bench.

Beimel being DFA’d cleared a spot on the 40 man roster but it will not remain vacant long as the Pirates are planning on adding Aaron Thompson to make a spot start and I’m guessing then join the bullpen. The most logical move to clear a 25 man spot tomorrow would be to demote Chris Leroux but we will see what happens. I would have rather seen Jeff Locke make a spot start or even Garrett Olson although I don’t know if any was a realistic option due to days off. Tomorrow looks like it is going to be a rough one because Thompson has shown me nothing that he can be an effective major league pitcher but who knows maybe he will surprise us and at worst will it really be that much different from what we are used to against the Brewers.

Needless to say we have not drawn the line in the sand I called for earlier but a win tomorrow and we still manage a split which would be something to  build on. Things may not be looking good over the last month+ but we have to keep our heads high and see what happens.


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