Draw a Line in the Sand

Forget competing for the division title or playing relevant games into September or even finishing the season 500. All of those are long shot goals now but thats not why they should be forgotten. Even if they were still in play these next 3 days wouldn’t be about that, not really at least. Going into this season the main goals for the Pirates were to show improvement over last season and to have thier key players have good seasons that they could build off of. The team has definately shown improvement and with the exception of Alvarez the rest of the key players have all had pretty respectable seasons. Morton and McDonald look like solid arms for the rotation going forward and the bats of McCutchen, Walker and Tabata all have put up at least a decent season.

With those goals achieved the next set of goals were to excerise some demons. The Pirates have done that by winning on the road and winning in interleague. The big monkey on the back of the team is the consecutive losing seasons but that needs to be put aside for another year. Putting that aside there remains one major demon left to be exercised and that demon will be at PNC park for the next 3 days.

Records coming into this series do not matter. From a standings point of view these games are meaningless but from what it could mean to the Pirates psyche these games could not mean more. The time is now the Pirates must draw a line in the sand and make a stand right now. The bully has had thier way with the Pirates for long enough, the time for the Pirates to step up and fight back is now not next season. We don’t have to win this series but splitting it and keeping all 4 games close could go a long way towards showing these Brewers we need to be repsected and are no longer push overs. It appears the devil is going to live for at least one more season but that doesn’t mean his demons have to. Its time for the Pirates to earn thier respect and build up thier own confidence. It might not mean much this year but what it could mean in the years going forward is unmeasureable.


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