Draft Signings

The Pirates signed 24 of the 50 players they drafted and spent approximately 17 million. To put that in perspective the Pirates have spent roughly 51 million on the 40 man roster this season. So the 24 players they have signed got approximately one-third what the major league team did for this season. That is an amazing commitment to the draft and will hopefully yield great results for the Pirates down the road.

The 13 million the Pirates gave Cole and Bell shows a focus on quality instead of quantity which is something the Pirates haven’t done in the past. With the great draft and surpising season I see no way Huntington does not get extended. Cole becomes the Pirates #1 overall prospect and Bell should also enter the top 10 and challeneg Sanchez for the second best position player prospect in the system.

I haven’t done much research yet but my I will give you my top 10 as it currently stands. I reserve the right to change this after doing my normal research.

1. Gerrit Cole

2. Jameson Taillon

3. Starling Marte

4. Luis Heredia

5. Josh Bell

6. Stetson Allie

7. Tony Sanchez

8. Colton Cain

9. Rudy Owens

10. Jeff Locke

I am fairly set on my top 9 though I expect my order may change slightly as I do a little research. My 10th and final spot is up for grabs, I am not thrilled with having Locke there but noone else has really steped up. Von Rosenberg is an interesting candidate but his struggles this year concern me. Morris’s move to the bullpen limits his value and Justin Wilson’s control issue drops him. Lambo is having a terrible season and d’Arnaud while he has shown some positive signs does not leap off the page at me. That takes care of everyone who was close to the top 10 this season and noone else has made that dramatic of a jump although some like Grossman and Curry have greatly raised thier stock.

Note: I was planning on doing my last piece of “A Look At The Minors” but the draft development pushed it on to the back burner.


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