Seven is not Heaven

Last night the Pirates suffered thier 7th loss in a row basicly ringing out a lot of the optimism surrounding this club. I’ve heard comments from people wondering why they let themselves believe in this team and I heard others saying the Buccos are back. Clearly they are ignoring the fact the Pirates are currently 54-56 and a far past anyone’s expectations of them and they are focusing on the 7 losses in a row. In short a dose of reality has been handed to a lot of the new Pirate fans and they have had a bad allergic reaction. This year’s Pirates team was never going to compete for the Central division, it just was not going to happen; the team is much improved and could challenge for 500 but not a division title.

The Pirates were doing a fine job running in the race with the big boys but they just didn’t have the stamina. Now since we have been tripped by the Cards, stood up by the Braves, knocked down by the Phils and beaten into the ground by the Cubs we can put thoughts of division crown behind us and focus on this team getting better. It is vital to this team’s success that Alvarez starts hitting and develops into a middle of the oder hitter. It is vital that Morton and McDonald prove themselves to be consistent SP  as they will be needed to lead the change over once Maholm, Correia and Karstens leave the rotation. It is vital to see what young players can play a part in this team’s future. It is vital to sort through all the arms and see who can help this team the most in 2012 and beyond. By no means as most say is the 2011 season over, in fact in some ways it has just begun. A division title may be extremely unlikey (barring an amazing performance against the Cardinals and Brewers) but there is a lot to watch for. The Pirates are a young team and are growing together, this season could very well be the building block towards a more successful future.

So tonight the Pirates have to pick themselves up and get ready to fight the Padres. The Padres are another not so great team so there is still an oppurtunity here. Seven  losses might not be heaven but its not hell either.


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