A Look At The Minors: Right Field

Top 3 Prospects

1. Robbie Grossman

2. Andrew Lambo

3. Gregory Polanco

Notable: Dan Grovatt

Robbie Grossman

Grossman was drafted in the 6th round of the 2008 draft but was considered a first round talent. He fell because of signability concerns and the Pirates gave him a 1 million dollar bonus to lure him away from his college commitment. He may have entered the system with a high pedigree but up until this season he showed very little in terms of performance. Grossman is an average fielder which explains why he is in right field. He does have some good speed but his value comes from his power potential of which little has been seen (he does have 8 HR this season though). Grossman was beginning to fall off the prospect map but has rebounded nicely this season putting up good numbers in A+ ball.  The most notable improvement in his game has been his plate discipline. He has cut down on his strike outs and has posted a very strong walk rate.

April: .282/.426/.400 (.826 OPS)

May: .240/.330/.340 (.670 OPS)

June: .341/.500/.495 (.995 OPS) *The .500 is not a misprint or a lack of PA, he had 126 PA.

July: .299/.453/.467 (.920 OPS)

Andrew Lambo

Lambo was acquired in the Dotel trade last season. He came in with the pedigree of a power hitting corner OF but his stock had fallen some due to a suspension for illegal drug use. Lambo put up good numbers last season after coming to the Pirates earning himself a promotion to AAA. Sadly things have not went so well this year and Lambo has actually been sent back to AA. Lambo does not have the best set of tools as he is poor defensively, strikes out a lot and really isn’t a threat on the basepaths. His value his completely dependent on his projectable power. It seems like Lambo has been in pro baseball for a long while but he is currently only 22 (he turns 23 this month). At such a young age he still has time to develop. His stock may have taken a hit this year but he is still an interesting project. He is Rule V eleigible this offseason so the Pirates have an interesting decision in front of them.

April: .203/.263/.338 (.601 OPS)

May: .211/.318/.310 (.628 OPS)

June: .100/.122/.175 (.297 OPS) (AAA)

June: .143/.250/.214 (.464 OPS) (AA)

July: .267/.333/.429 (.762 OPS) (AA)

Gregory Polanco

Polanco was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2009 and is currently playing his second consecutive season in the GCL. He is only 19 years old so repeating the level is of very little concern. he hasn’t put up the best numbers so far in his professional career but the Pirates are high on him as evidenced by the fact he only spent on season in the DSL. Polanco profiles better as a CF but the presences of Willy Garcia has moved him to RF this season. The Pirates are hopeful he will add power when he fills out but right now he is a good defender with good speed. His bat still has some developing to do. Polanco is just a prject but he has a high upside.

Season: .227/.315/.391 (.706 OPS)

Dan Grovatt

Grovatt was drafted in the 11th round of the draft last season and is currently playing RF in A ball. He is 22 years old which makes him a little old for the level but since this is his first full season that is understandable. Grovatt hits for very little power but has shown good plate discipline and is a good fielder. His best chance of making the majors is going to be having a good contact rate and batting for a high average. On the basepaths he is not a burner but has enough to speed to make him an average runner. Grovatt is likely nothing more than an organizational player but he has put up decent numbers this season so he can’t be completely written off.

April: .296/.452/.426 (.878 OPS)

May: .300/.372/.420 (.792 OPS)

June: .256/.396/.367 (.763 OPS)

July: .245/.297/.353 (.650 OPS)


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