Enough is Enough

Only 4 days left before the trade deadline. It is abundantly clear that this team needs a bat. I understand not making a move early in the month as moves don’t just happen but right now there is no excuse. Go get Pena, Willingham, DeJesus, anyone really. First base and right field are not producing so an upgrade should be easy to find. I don’t care about Presley and Tabata coming back, we can sort that out later. A bat is needed, period.  Failure to do so would be inexcusable.

Starting tomorrow I am going to start back up my look at the minors. I apologize for the delay but after last’s night game my heart wasn’t in it. Still not fully back but a sense of determination has overtaken me so 3B will be up tomorrow. Don’t get too excited though there isn’t much there.


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